Board of Trustees

Arogya Nilayam Charitable Trust is a registered Public Charitable Trust started with the idea that every individual deserves quality primary health care irrespective of their socio-economic status. This vision resulted in the set up of Arogya Nilayam Free Medical Clinic, a medical center that catered to the needs of the most marginalized sections of society including the geriatric population from the lower-income group who were depended on daily medicines with no means for it.

Arogya Nilayam has a holistic outlook on health and focuses on both the Physical & Mental wellbeing of an individual.

Dr.V L Indira Dutt
Mrs.Divya Reddy
Mrs.Pankajam Adithyan
Mrs.Praneshwari Rajendran
Mrs.Srilakshmi Mohan Rao