Snapshot of our Beneficiaries


Diagnosis: Post Traumatic Ankle Deformity with Infected Sinus of the Foot

Accident victim, fractured his ankle previously which was not set right back then.

He came to Arogya Nilayam unable to walk properly. Patient was diagnosed an infected sinus in his foot for which regular dressings were done and infection brough under control with free medicines from Arogya Nilayam

Post which he was referred to a higher centre for an ortho opinion. He was advised surgery to correct the ankle.

Arogya Nilayam funded part of his surgery.

The patient recovered completely and now leads a normal life.


Post treatment condition : Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke)

He has been a patient of Arogya Nilayam for the past 20 years.

We provide him with free medicines to manage his health condition and now he can walk without any help. We been taking care of his health and medication free of cost . He lives alone and can manage himself now. He is extremely happy with the care he receives at Arogya Nilyam.

Devi, 30 Years

She is a young mother, who was suffering from poor vision in both her eyes for the past one year .

She was examined at our consulting Optalmologist, Dr.Isai Mitra at her eye clinic, I – CENTRE and diagnosed with dense cataract in both her eyes and required immediate surgery.

Her surgery was funded by Arogya Nilayam, as she didn’t have the means to pay for it. I – CENTRE did her pre-operative physical tests and lab investigations completely free of cost.

 Devi is very grateful to the management, doctors and staff of Arogya Nilayam for giving her the gift of sight.

Chinnamma, 78 Years, Rag Picker

Patient of Arogya Nilayam for the past 30 years, comes for first aid, dressings, and for regular medication. She gets hurt as a result of reckless drivers ever so often and from the sharp rusted edges of the trash bins and the broken glass, needs, etc we put in our trash.

She is a living example of the adage “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure “