Medical consultation & Medication

We provide free medical consultation to all without economic or religious bias as we believe every individual has the right to professional primary health care. Besides treating the common cold, flu, diarrhoea etc, the medical team identifies a wide range of diseases, from high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac condition, malnutrition, asthma and anemia,  to monitoring growth in children. The patients are then counselled on how best to manage their diseases. Some patients who need to be referred to a specialist are then referred to our consulting specialists.

The clinic caters mainly to the elderly in and around the area, domestic workers, daily wage workers, essential service workers like milk men, newspaper delivery boys etc. delivery executives, auto, taxi driver, students from nearby schools &  colleges including the school for deaf , dumb, inmates of orphanages  various welfare homes, gypsies, sanitation workers etc.


Provide free medication for patients from the lower income group this also includes lifelong
medication for diabetic, cardiac patients, hypertensive patients. We are also the first respondents to the schools & colleges in the vicinity that do not have a nurse’s station and provide them with Fid Aid .

We give special emphasis to the elderly who no longer have a source of income, have been abandoned by their children and have no savings and to the children from the orphanages & welfare homes.

Physiotherapy & Physical Rehabilitation

Most of our patients are daily wage workers, house hold workers etc. – people who depend on their physical health to earn their livelihood and support their families, most often they ignore the initial pain, discomfort so as to not lose a day’s wage and tend to their health only when it is acute. Alternatively, we find that these patients resort to self-administering easily available over the counter painkillers, prolonged use of which can have adverse
effects on their health. With the physiotherapy being available to them, we find that our patients take cognizance of their health at the first instance itself and restores a person abilities to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives.

Physical rehabilitation is a therapeutic program designed to assist patients who have experienced significant life changes due to illness, injury, or surgical procedure. In short, it is a step-by-step process toward recovery. The primary goal of the program is to restore independence.


Ophthalmology & Cataract surgeries

An important part of healthcare to the young and the old alike, we provide free ophthalmological
consultations. Patients who need spectacles are referred to an optometrist who provides them the same at very nominal rates.

Cataract is the leading cause of blindness globally and surgery is the only known measure to deal with it effectively. We provide them with high quality cataract surgery which is critical to patients with cataract, if they are to have their sight restored.


Geriatric care

Elderly citizens in low-income families are often the most under acknowledged we provide them home care and free door step medication. We also provide medicines, diapers etc to the homes for the old, destitute and elderly as per their requisition.

Mental Health Matters

Mental health matters. Mental wellbeing matters just as much as any physical wellbeing. The
mind and the body are connected. Many mental ailments cause stress, which lowers the immune system. This means more frequent sickness and inability to cope. Stress and anxiety can take a toll on our physical health.

We primarily deal with adolescents, men and women dealing with marital / family issues or sometimes victims of alcohol abuse.