Covid-19 Relief

During this Covid 19 pandemic, we have launched the following initiatives in our humble attempt to combat the crisis:

Educate, Enable, Ensure Vaccination

Educate the public about the importance of Vaccination.

           Our team along with volunteers has been tirelessly working towards reaching out to our patients and others via referrals and counselling them about the importance of the vaccination during these very difficult times. Vaccination hesitancy is considered one of the 10 threats to Global Health by the WHO.

           Enable by helping the uneducated / non tech savvy / elderly citizens register for vaccination.

           Keeping with our goal of addressing the needs of the most under-serviced sections of society, Arogya Nilayam helped the elderly, uneducated population who didn’t have access to smartphones register on the government Cowin site and book their appointments at the local Primary Health Care Centre to receive their vaccination. Guided others to the nearest vaccination centers by updating them on availability of appointments for vaccination.

Ensure by hosting vaccination drives

         Ensured by hosting Vaccination drives, Ensuring a green channel to vaccinate the elderly and Persons with Disability at Vaccination Centers, organizing home vaccination for Persons with disability.

Breathe Oxygen Bank

        When the second wave hit India, and people were dying from a shortage of Oxygen and the city witnessed a lack of Oxygen in the hospitals, Arogya Nilayam took swift action by setting up an Oxygen Bank to provide free oxygen concentrators to covid-19 positive / post covid-19 patients. These machines were sourced thanks to the generous donations from our donors. These oxygen concentrators come in handy while the oxygen-deprived patient is waiting for an ICU bed with Oxygen. The machine was also used to treat COVID19 patients at home effectively during the time when hospital beds were unavailable. These oxygen concentrators are also helpful during the recovery phase post-Covid-19 The machines are given to the patients for the entire period of treatment /recovery free of cost and the machine is returned after use. These machines are then thoroughly sanitized and given to the next beneficiary.

Talk to Me – Mental Health Counselling

     Since the pandemic hit us the country has been witnessing a very high number of COVID19 isolation & illness-related stress, anxiety, trauma. The helpline also counselled people grieving the loss of loved ones. We started a Psychological counselling initiative for covid-19 related distress, grief counselling.

Tele Consultation

      Our team of doctors worked round the clock taking on Medical Consultations not just to Covid-19 positive cases but also to others in need to medical attention. The pandemic saw the other diseases and illnesses being side-lined; hence this initiative comes as a huge relief to the public.

Marunthu – Free Medicines

        Arogya Nilayam gives medicines free to its patients, during the pandemic too we supplied medicines free of cost to the elderly/covid 19 positive patients registered with us based on our doctor’s prescription.